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Kensington's just released the world's first Wireless USB universal docking station, conveniently named the Wireless USB Docking Station. The thing suppports five USB devices as well as a DVI monitor, which can then be "attached" wirelessly to your notebook whenever it comes into range. Speaker ports round out the solution, and the whole thing is compatible with any Wireless USB notebook brands. You'll be able to pay US$230 for one at the end of the month at Dell and Kensington. Is the convenience of not having to plug in five USB devices (or one, if you have a USB hub), a monitor and a speaker every time you sit down worth $230? We say yes.


Your house is wired for networking and you probably don't even know it. Wires are wires, and the ones that give you power outlets every six feet aren't much differen than the ones connecting your modem to your network. They're already in the walls and can carry data as well as power, so think about using this Belkin Ethernet-to-powerline conversion hub to let you utilise the wiring you already have, converting the digital signals from up to three devices and transferring it through your house via a "powernet" to other devices.