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If you want to go and see just how old Arnold Schwarzenegger looks in The Expendables 2 or see just how cool flying cars really are in Total Recall, but don't want to pay full ticket price, Lunchtime Deal has you covered.


Personally, I find tennis and the current state of 3D to be about equal in terms of underwhelming wow factor. But if you’re a die-hard fan of both, you’ll be able to watch the men’s final at selected cinemas in Brisbane (Stafford), Sydney (Broadway) and Central Melbourne.


There may not be any mention of it anywhere on the official site (or anywhere else, for that matter), but what's the bet that Hoyts' decision to upgrade three of its cinemas to play back IMAX-quality film was partially inspired by the success of The Dark Knight's IMAX scenes? I mean, come on - one of the biggest films ever made uses IMAX cameras and then six months later Hoyts are making over their cinemas? It can't be a coincidence.

The three cinemas getting made over for IMAX goodness - Entertainment Quarter at Fox Studios in Sydney, Highpoint in Melbourne and Carousel in Perth - will all be bringing the IMAX experience on Boxing Day with the release of Keanu Reeves' latest, The Day the Earth Stood Still. On top of that, the Hoyts cinemas will be showing typical IMAX documentaries, plus a selection of 3D entertainment, complete with stupid glasses.

But if they really want to show off, they'll show The Dark Knight again...


Think you're the business on a virtual race track? Xbox is organising a big one-night tournament to be held on the big screen at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter (aka Fox Studios), Sydney, on May 23rd. Get yourself signed up right here for a spot on the knock-out roster, with the final eight players showing their moves on the big screen in front of the whole crowd. All Forza 2 action too, three weeks before official release in mid June.

If you love this racing stuff, get your name on the list fast — first 400 not only get the night of big screen racing action, but a sneak preview screening of '28 Weeks Later'... sequel to the great Sandra Bullock film, '28 Days'. Oh, sorry? Right. Correction. That's the sequel to the zombie thriller '28 Days Later'. -Seamus Byrne