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Life, as they say, is full of surprises. But how many of them are genuine? Every now and then something pops up that’ll genuinely catch you off guard. That’s the case with my recent drive on the Akagi touge, or officially known as the Joumo-Sanzan Panorama Highway, in the 2018 Honda Civic Type R. And it’s where I lived out the legal, daytime version of everyone’s Initial Dfantasies.

Feast your eyes on this. The new Honda Civic Type R -- prototype -- has broken cover at the Paris Auto Show, and it looks incredible. With the most aggressive, balls-to-the-wall body kit that we've seen on a road-going car for a long time, the Type R looks like a true spiritual successor to the Type Rs of yore -- DC2R Integras and EP3 Civics that could drive to work and back during the week and then carve up the track on the weekend. This is just a prototype, but here's hoping it transforms into a production car we'll be able to buy in Australia.