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If you watch a TV show long enough, the home becomes a character in itself. You start remembering the little details of each room, what scenes happened where, and start feeling like their home is just an extension of your house. Yeah, I remember the pool in Breaking Bad and definitely the dining table. Of course, I've been to Arrested Development's model home and done morphine at Mr Robot's apartment. Here's a collection of floor plans from popular TV shows like those. You'll feel right at... home.


A new study has revealed Australians will spend $383 million and own an average of 11 Internet-connected devices for our homes in 2016, up from $231 million and 9 devices in 2015, controlling everything from security cameras to heating and cooling systems.

By 2020, this is predicted to reach $4 billion spent Australia-wide with an average of 29 devices per home.


This is about as IKEA as it gets. The Swedish flatpack furniture giant is in the late stages of developing a line of furniture that's made out of paper. That's right: paper. Not cardboard. This durable stuff is a fascinating composite of repurposed pulp that can be moulded into any shape. The craziest thing? It looks great.