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It’s a strange feeling to spend the night in a hotel when you’re looking out over your own city. But there I was listening to the new digital audio line-up that Samsung first previewed at CES in January. The HT-F9750W 7.1 channel home theatre system; the HW-F751 vacuum tube Sound Bar; and the $299 DA-F61 portable Bluetooth speaker. Updated industrial design, warm sound and a distinct lack of wires are this year’s audio hooks. Here’s why that’s fine by me...


There’s a pretty simple rule to follow when you’re looking at buying a quality home theatre system - don’t spend a cent until you’ve heard what the system sounds like in person. Fortunately, there are still a number of high-end audio showrooms around Australia to “try before you buy”, where you can go to check out different systems performances in a proper environment.


Designed to match their $10K Series 9 LED TV, the Samsung HT-C9950W 3D home theatre Blu-ray system is stunning. It also looks like it could topple over with the slightest touch, but maybe that's just my paranoid-father-of-a-one-year-old-who-pulls-on-everything-within-his-limited-grasp mind talking...


Given Samsung's penchant for shouting "First!" with home entertainment products, it's surprising that it's taken them so long to stick a hard drive and a HDTV tuner inside one of their Blu-ray players to make a one-box shop for your home theatre. Especially considering Panasonic has been doing it for years. But now they have, and it's coming to Australia.


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If there's anything that could make me forget the general dorkiness of Comcast's "Xfinity" rebranding, it's this incredibly awesome demo of a prototype web app for controlling Xfinity cable and On Demand. Guys, release this and we'll call it even.