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Video: When ancient humans looked to the skies, they dreamed of flight. When modern birds look with jealousy and annoyance to see who's making them look like a bunch of chumps, they see RC helicopter stunt pilot Alan Szabo Jr.


This is behind the scenes footage from some commercial that Hyundai shot that basically toured the world. I have no idea what the final commercial looks like and I don't really care because I'm totally obsessed with this truly spectacular footage they got of cities around the world from the vantage point of a helicopter.


The US Marines says this photo shows a MV-22B Osprey preparing to take off on top of a mountain in New Mexico. I think the picture is fantastic, the rear shot makes it look like the Osprey is being contemplative and its rotors are splitting the Sun at the perfect angle. Everything almost looks peaceful.


Listen to this video of a helicopter ditching into the sea while trying to land on the research vessel Viking Vision. I say listen, because you can't see much but you can hear all the scary noises — the screaming engine sound and the water getting into the helicopter. It feels even more terrifying than seeing it.


It looks like Call of Duty. It's not. It looks like a movie. It's not. Instead it's an incredible photograph of a Marine Corps Super Stallion Helicopter taking off with a M777 howitzer in the California desert. In real life. What a powerful image. The helicopter is lugging the 7,500 pound 35 foot long monster of a weapon like it's nothing.


Top Gear is an international sensation, so much so that now Korea has its own version, and has since 2011. The Top Gear brand is synonymous with insane stunts that pit man's greatest machines against each other set to tense music and shot with spectacular skill, but all of that went horribly wrong one day on the set of Top Gear Korea when a challenge ended in a Cobra attack helicopter crashed into the ground. Watch the video here.