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If you sat down to watch The Darkest Minds without knowing it was based on a book, that information would become abundantly clear about 10 minutes into the film. Almost every scene, especially early on, feels slightly detached from the last, as if some cohesive thread was cut to squeeze a 500-page book into a 100-minute movie -- which, if we're being honest, is almost certainly the case. The result is an interesting, beautiful-looking movie that gets increasingly frustrating as plot lines are left in the dust, relationships are forced together, and surprises are clearly telegraphed.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is less than two months away, and while it may seem like we know almost nothing about it, that's not exactly true. There's not a ton of official information about the film, but over the past year, between the trailers (including the newest one), set reports, and rumours, we've been able to piece together a lot about Episode VIII -- and we've collected it all here for you. Potential spoilers ahead!