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Last year's Deepwater Horizon oil spill dumped an estimated 9.8 million litres of oil A DAY into the Gulf of Mexico - you'd think someone would have gotten on that faster. Oh, they did? Fire on the Horizon explains what took so damn long.


An oil-production platform in the Vermilion Bay exploded today around 9.30am, with 13 people on board. One crew member was injured, and 12 are in the water in immersion suits. As of 10.30am the rig was still on fire.


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This solar-powered fellow is part of a robot group called Seaswarm. He and his buddies are cheap, autonomous, and communicate via GPS and Wi-Fi. And 5000 of them could theoretically clean up the Gulf oil spill in a month.


The X Prize Foundation, which spurs scientific and technological innovation with the greatest of incentives - a big pile of money - hopes we'll have a significantly improved method for cleaning oil by this time next year. The carrot: a cool million.