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Hot Toys’ line of Marvel figures has some truly great standouts, but it’s supported by a line of more reliable “regulars” the company can churn out variants of pretty easily. Fifty million Iron Man suits here, 30 million Spider-Man ones there, it’s figures like that that let them do the really fancy stuff. Maybe the next regular should just be Stan Lee cameos?

If we told you last year that a movie about a mute woman having a torrid, romantic relationship with a modernised version of the Creature From the Black Lagoon was going to dominate at the Oscars in terms of nominations, you might have chuckled a little to yourself. 2017 was a simpler time. The 2018 Academy Award nominations are in and there's a lot for genre fans to be happy about.

James Gunn is notorious for hiding clever, fantastic Easter eggs in his two Guardians of the Galaxy of the films. Gunn's always made a point of making the inside jokes incredibly difficult to find, but the director recently revealed the reason some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's best gags are impossible to spot: They were straight up cut out of the film.

No one really knows what a spoiler is anymore. The term has become a subjective judgment tied to one person's ideas about how much they can know about a story in advance before it ruins their enjoyment of that story. Some people don't care at all, others care too much, and it's all gotten a tad out of hand.