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In the wake of Chinese attacks into Bureau of Meteorology's systems in 2015, the Turnbull government made computer security a priority, saying hacking cost the national economy $1 billion annually.

The response included a $230 million national cybersecurity strategy, released last April with collaboration between public and private sectors one of the main principles.


This op-ed from NBN's chief executive Bill Morrow is being posted to the National Broadband Network company's blog today, and is being republished here in full by Gizmodo. Do you agree with his explanation? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments.


Feeling a little bit confused by the stupidly complicated and ever-changing rollout of the National Broadband Network around the country? Us too, to be honest with you. Here's our quick guide to the different types of NBN that might be installed at your home or business.


Telstra has revealed it will publish stats on how fast NBN connections will be, in the absence of such information from the NBN organisation itself. At the moment there is no way consumers can find out what type of NBN technology will be used or what sort of speed to expect through the national broadband network at their home or business.