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'Tis the season, and Google is feeling generous. Recently, it rolled out a bunch of new Google Assistant features, including improvements nifty to-do list functionality and a new feature that encourages you to be polite to your inanimate, question-answering bot.

When it comes to smart home assistants, Google is king. It's snappy, conversational, and able to help with a plethora of requests. But in the past the speakers within which Google lives haven't had the best sound quality.

Enter: The Google Home Max. With two 4.5" woofers and two custom tweeters, this was made to be the Loud Boy of the Home lineup. And man, does it deliver.

If you play with Google Assistant long enough, you'll discover that it's full of fun Easter Eggs, games and tricks. One of these is Lucky Trivia - and it's pretty fun!

There's just one problem. When it comes to being a trivia host, Google Assistant is god damn brutal.

Beyond Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, Google Assistant is shaping up to be one of the most important Google products in the years ahead, and it’s already more pervasive and more advanced than you might have realised. Here’s everything Google Assistant can do and everywhere you can find it.

The idea of a smart home console is exciting. A little screen where you can turn all your lights on and off and turn on the TV and see who’s at the door and crank the oven up to 200-degrees to roast that garlic and broccoli for dinner? That’s cool! It’s also what Google promises with the new Home Hub. Google doesn’t not deliver. But the new Home Hub also falls short of the magic gadget I’d hoped for. At least not right now.

At first, the Google Assistant was designed primarily as a voice-based helper. However, after making its way to phones, smart displays, and whatever else Google can cram its assistant into, being forced to use your voice to access a lot of GA features hasn’t always offered the best experience. So today, Google has announced a revamped interface for the Google Assistant that should make searching, organising, and anything else you use the assistant for a little friendlier for both spoken and touch-based inputs.

LG Launched it's range of 2018 smart tvs earlier this year, but now they have received some voice assistant upgrades. From yesterday, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa were added across the entire OLED andf SUper UHD ThinQ suite here in Australia

Currently, the Google Assistant supports more than 10 different languages (along with a number of regional variations), with Google hoping to bring that number to 30 before the end of the year. Unfortunately, up until now, you’ve only been able to use those languages one at a time — a hassle for anyone in a household of multiple languages.

Thankfully, all that is about to change, because starting today, the Google Assistant has become bilingual.

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Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Microsoft has Cortana and Google has Google Assistant. One of those names is not like the other but the functionality of Google Assistant is still up there with the other personal assistant apps. Here are a few things you can do with it.

Based on the timing of last year’s Pixel 2 launch, we’re still a solid two months away from confirming whatever Google has planned for 2018. But that isn’t going to stop internet sleuths from trying to dig up any info they can. Over the past few days, two leaks popped up that could have some interesting consequences for what Google eventually announces later this year.

Despite Amazon having a two-year head start versus Google in the smart speaker wars, earlier this year, sales of Google Home devices surpassed all of Amazon's Echoes for the first time ever. And while Amazon still holds the overall lead in market share, it's not hard to see why Google is catching up fast. Compared to Alexa, the Google Assistant is simply smarter, better sounding, and an all-around more helpful AI. However, even with new additions to the Google Home family in 2017 by way of the Home Mini and Max, there are some holes in the Google's smart speaker lineup -- like smart screens. But thanks to the new Lenovo Smart Display, Google now has an answer to the Echo Show, and it's a damn good retort at that.

Google has been steadily improving its smart speaker with updates facilitating more fluid conversations, as well as the addition of routines for chaining together multiple tasks with a single command. Now Google is adding scheduling to the mix, which means your mornings can start just the way you want them, at the same time, every time — so long as you don’t mind sticking to a strict schedule. And aren't Australian.

Do you podcast? Google has a new app out for Android that's ready to download and play all your favourite pods. While the functionality is a little on the bare-bones side for now, it does have one ace up its sleeve - the ability to play your podcasts across all your devices with the help of Google Assistant. Here's how it works.