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Q: What classic computer and Apple II competitor opened its steel case up like a car hood? And was named after a domestic rock toy popular at the time?

Hartmut Esslinger's Frog Design made WEGA/Sony's electronics fetish items, and then designed the "Snow White" language the Mac used. He's a design legend and an author. Here he tells us about the challenges of designing, then and now.

Sinclair's little ultra-sharp black and white TV was meant to be a pocket set. But with a 4x6-inch footprint, it was impossible to stash in most disco-tight pockets at the time, even if it was under 2 inches thick.

The Speak and Spell, which was first shown at CES in 1978 and sold in 1979, was one of the first gadgets with a visual display to use interchangeable game cartridges, and it taught a whole generation how to spell.

Before there were computer hackers, there were phreakers. And before there were macs, Jobs and Woz kept themselves busy building their own blue boxes (Above) which would emulate precise control tones to seize control of the phone system.

In 1976, Sony went to the National Stadium in Tokyo and lined up every single gadget they offered to photograph them. All were analogue, mostly in radio, audio and TV. This is a photo of that.