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This week on That Startup Show we are pulling back the curtain on the mysteries of money - how do you actually get funding for your business?

Getting your startup funded is not the end of the story, it’s simply the beginning of a new chapter.

There could be a future where we eat incredible, sustainable, engineered foods -- 3D-printed or lab-grown meals, chemically optimised to unleash the perfect combination of flavour and nutrients to fit our bodies and our tastes. Better tasting hot dogs with harmful fats removed! Healthier snacks with accurate expiration dates! Or, we can continue on our present path, and we will keep eating the same foods we always have, including foods that make us sick and obese. And if the United States would like a say in the future of food, the government and the people need to start paying attention to food scientists.

Screen Australia and the Canada Media Fund have today announced a CAD$800,000 incentive for creatives working in interactive digital mediums. Their definition is quite broad -- it could mean an app, a game, an online format or even a virtual reality experience -- as long as it has the potential to be truly innovative and even 'mind-blowing'.

I live blogged the launch of the 2012-2015 NBN Corporate plan for Gizmodo this week (Giz editor Luke was trapped on a secret mission with a camera which may or may not have involved underwear, so I stepped in). The big takeaway from the event? Cogent dismissals of six persistent NBN myths which I suspect most readers already know are utter rubbish, but which keep clouding the actual discourse about our broadband future. Let's review.

Earlier this week, psychologist Dr Wayne Warburton - representing an organisation known as the Australian Council on Children and the Media - claimed on Channel 10 news that the link between playing video games violence is much stronger than the link between smoking and lung cancer. It turns out that particular organisation receives funding from a certain Attorney General who goes by the name of Michael Atkinson.