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Are you worried about the classic hot smartphone problem? Into overclocking your pocket PC? If you are, you'll be thrilled about Fujitsu's new technology for a liquid-cooled smartphone. It's a bit like putting your car's radiator into your phone -- a cool idea even if you probably wouldn't need it.

There are endless metrics a store has access to when it comes to when, what and who is buying merchandise. But, surprisingly, there's not a heck of a lot of data on why a customer decides not to buy something. So Fujitsu is hoping its new Kinect-based research tool provides more insight into how customers browse, and why they may decide against a purchase.

Realising that the oft-promised 'paperless office' may never actually come to fruition, researchers at Fujitsu are working on a backup plan that gives printed documents similar tablet-like touchscreen functionality. Using a tabletop projector, webcam and other sensors, the system can precisely detect finger movements and motion in 3D.

Relying on your tablet's on-screen keyboard saves you from having to carry clunky accessories, but it also gobbles up a good chunk of usable screen real estate. So Fujitsu researchers are working on a happy medium that uses the tablet's camera to track your finger movements on a desk, as if you were typing away on an invisible keyboard.

The idea of an interactive TV experience where additional information about a show or a product could be simultaneously accessed on another device has been tossed around for a while. But Fujitsu's new subliminal transmission technology might finally make it an easy and unobtrusive reality.

If you know a friend who is going to the London 2012 Opening Ceremony in London, you might want to remind them to wear their Sunday best. Getty Images and Fujitsu are building a camera rig in the stadium where the ceremony is to be held so that they can capture and stitch together an image that, when completed, will be 20-gigapixels in size and will see individual members of the crowd identified at full zoom. Creepy.

I remember in the middle of the noughties how we all pined for the completely converged device. Something that did everything well enough that you only need to carry it. This concept from Fujitsu kind of does that, but not really, by packing a digital camera, a smartphone, and a tablet into a single laptop body.

Everything should be waterproof. Especially phones, because you know how you love to poop and talk. You can thankfully drop Fujitsu's new line of waterproof Android phones and tablets in the crapper without ruining them.

Oh, so Big Jim at the nursing home thinks he's all that, with his cane that doubles up as an umbrella? Egle Ugintaite's cane concept walks all over that, and then some. Sensors actually take readings from the user's wrist, and track the pulse, bloody pressure and body temperature, displaying the stats on the little LCD screen.