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Microsoft's Flight Simulator X was an awesome game nine years ago, but it has enjoyed continued success from a dedicated fanbase — the kind of people with multi-monitor, multi-TV rigs with dedicated rooms. Now FSX has its very own specialised, backlit, custom-made keyboard.


I've never been a great flyer. It's not that I'm scared of flying per sé. I just get a bit up-chuckish with turbulence and whatnot. At least, that was until a few months ago when I got stranded in China for 33 hours following a freak storm over Hong Kong airport. Now my fear of throwing up has evolved into a fully-formed anxiety response when boarding flights. Last week I found a cure for that anxiety, however, and it's one that everyone can get in on.


It's almost Christmas, so Melbourne's Deakin University invited Santa in for some last-minute flight training on their Universal Motion Simulator (UMS). If this video doesn’t make you smile a tiny bit, then you might just be a Grinch.


"Welcome aboard, Captain," my co-pilot Julian said to me this morning as I stepped into the cockpit of a Boeing 737-800, the world's most popular commercial aircraft. Despite a complete lack of training and experience, I strapped myself in, adjusted my harness and confidently got ready to take control. At least I knew I couldn't crash...