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If your New Year's Resolution is to hit the gym, you might find sticking to it a little tricky.

A recent study conducted with obese mice is now revealing clues as to exactly why our enthusiasm wanes - and it may not be the extra weight we are carrying.


250 young people aged 18 to 35 recently completed the the world's first "TXT2BFiT" intervention, a program where they received calls, texts and emails in an effort to work out which was the most encouraging.

The research, developed at the Charles Perkins Centre in Sydney, showed that a call or text to get moving and eat healthy was far more beneficial than a reminder from an app.


You can probably think of countless reasons why you don't want to take your dog for a walk. It's too cold, you're tired, your arch nemesis lives around the corner — the list goes on and on. But with this double-duty exercise bike and treadmill, you can give your pup a good run without ever stepping outside.