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Video: I'm not going to call these guys total idiots because if I had access to big fireworks, an empty street and a camera, there's a non-zero chance that I too would light those fireworks up, blast my friend in an awesomely stupid fireworks fight and record the whole damn thing so that other people could call me an idiot. This wild, Harry Potter-like fight filled with colourful explosions happened in China during Chinese New Year.


Vantablack is an incredible material. It's so dark it reflects nearly no light. This has made it appealing to black light fans, scientists and very clever artists. But a disagreement over which artists should have access to the pigment started a war in February. Over the weekend, two of the main players in that battle got into an e-exchange that highlighted how heated — and silly — the whole debate really is


Not many people realise that Australia actually has a small but active group of robot warriors. From small events in a local shed to national and international competitions, these backyard boffins do battle.


This animated short by Nina Paley — in the tradition of the best Monty Python music skits — might not be an orthodox history lesson, but it's an accurate depiction of the horrible 6000-year bloodshed in the region of Palestine, with dozens of tribes and nations fighting each other to claim ownership of that land.