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Besides being able to produce prototypes quickly and efficiently, 3D printers are also able to create complex shaped pieces that are impossible to make using traditional manufacturing techniques. That's why American Standard has embraced 3D-printing for its new line of twisted faucets that seem physically impossible.


Here's a problem about guys: many of us don't wash our hands after using the restroom. It might be general grossness or everyman laziness or being too trusting your own hygiene or being too drunk or taking on a drive through mentality with a urinal. But if you monitor a men's restroom, you'll see many folks skip the sink.


Public and workplace restrooms often have far fewer hand dryers than they have sinks to wash hands in, leaving people queuing for a dryer with dripping hands. OK, perhaps it's not one of the world's biggest problems. But it is annoying enough to be addressed by vacuum cleaner and Airblade hand dryer maker Dyson of Malmesbury, UK, in a US patent filing: it has invented a water tap that can also dry your hands.


Alex Shane lives on a sailboat. One night he noticed his tap running. No big deal for landlubbers. But boaters have to pump in every gallon of fresh H20 themselves, so wasting water is unacceptable.


How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night, your throat parched and your bladder full, as you stumble into the bathroom to relieve both discomforts? And when you go to drink from the tap, the water is so cold on your hands that you wake up completely, only to spend the rest of the night awake, longing for the sweet embrace of sleep to claim you? Just me? Well, at least I'll appreciate the simple function of the Dreamfarm Tapi, which converts almost any tap into a bubbler.


Renshui has designed a futuristic tap that uses an integrated chipset to control water temperature and a touch-based interface to control water flow. As cool as that tech sounds, I'm not sure it's any better than the classic two-knob setup.


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In the future, we can only hope that turning on one's tap will require a pseudo-sexual air stroke. Groping is so pedestrian.