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Video: For decades, Star Wars has been treated as a series for boys -- but ever since 1977, girls and women all over the world have loved the saga too. A new documentary plans to speak to those female fans to see what inspired their relationship with the galaxy far, far, away, and the heartwarming trailer is worth a watch.

Video: There's a lot of war in Star Wars, as its name implies. But while lightsabers swinging and blaster fire screaming down hallways is a lot of fun to watch, what if the Rebels and Empire resolved their conflicts more peacefully instead? Like, say, through a game of Force-chess?

Video: Stormtroopers are helmeted for a reason -- not being able to see their faces makes us feel OK about our heroes mowing down a ton of them as they go about saving the day. This short but sharp fan film puts the focus on the people behind the masks, and in the process, makes you feel a little sympathetic about the endless grind of the Stormtrooper hordes.