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The Sony hack was the worst corporate cyberattack ever, and now anyone with $US30,000 in Bitcoin and the ability to use Tor can buy the type of exploit used to hack Sony on underground cyberweapon websites, according to ex-hacker Jon Miller.


You probably don't know Nir Goldshlager, but he sure could have known you until recently. That's because Nir discovered a major privacy flaw in Facebook's OAuth, the system developers use to access all sorts of information every time you hit that little "allow" button. Nir gained access to virtually anyone's entire Facebook account.


Got a Samsung Galaxy SIII? Maybe a Galaxy Note II? Well listen up because there's a new boogeyman on the loose. According to a thread at XDA Developers, there's an exploit out there that can let Android malware apps get at all your physical memory, for the purposes of stealing your data or deleting it or whathaveyou.


Don't panic. You might have trouble finding GIFs to describe your feelings for a little bit, because there's a exploit spreading on Tumblr that's effectively shutting down your favourite sites. And, if you so much as click on the wrong post, shutting down your own.


The SMS protocol on iOS previously had an issue that allowed anyone to manipulate the little-used "Reply To" field to make it look like a text message was coming from someone else. iOS 6 fixes the exploit, so the days of pulling that stunt on an iPhone are over.


Twitter is seriously screwed up at the moment, thanks to a new Javascript exploit that's currently slamming the service. Visitors of Twitter's website are inadvertently retweeting spam and porn to their followers, just by hovering over tweets. UPDATE: Patched