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I have a Sorny Inspironbookmate 2564300iP00. Can I make Hackintosh? But seriously, I know a lot of people ask if they can hackintosh their obscure laptop that nobody has ever heard of and I understand it's very unlikely that they can, but when is it possible? When can Mac OS X be installed on a out-of-the-box laptop and run just like it would on a real Mac?


Nothing says "asshole" quite like this parasitic bike "emergency pump" from Instructables user Aleksi. Need some air? The local public parking lot is your oyster.


Samsung has taken the wraps off their next EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens) camera, the NX100, and it has a rather interesting feature - a little button on the new lenses which lets users control the camera through the lens.


The amount that the RIAA gets in statutory damages in filesharing lawsuits is already completely bananas, but they still aren't happy. The problem? Compilation CDs. A rascally pirate could rip 10 tracks from 10 CDs, say they came from a compilation and then only be culpable for one album. That's not right! The RIAA would then be cheated out of money they could use to polish the rubies on the ends of their walking sticks!