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This Zak Designs Ice Cream Keeper could be the best thing I've ever seen. I mean, keeping up to a pint of ice cream cold so you can eat it in the car, on the toilet, in the office, in the office toilet and in public bathrooms? How is that not genius? The freezable gel insert is where the magic happens, and I for one am in for three.


We first wrote about the Cruzin Cooler, literally a motorised cooler scooter, here on Giz way back in 2006. Frankly, we're kind of baffled today that it took more than two years for the thing to log its first DWI arrest. First of all, yes, the Cruzin Cooler counts as a vehicle, and that is why Whitehall, NY resident Leslie J. "Bomber" Marr, 57, faces felony DWI and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle charges, for swerving and driving on the sidewalk. The cooler contained 14 beers, but Washington County DA Kevin Kortright wasn't impressed. "They tell us he's been riding around town on that cooler for years," Kortright said, completely serious. "You can't cruise around on your cooler if you're intoxicated." Indeed.