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In the craziness that was Microsoft's Windows 7 launch yesterday, I received a little delivery. As I tore open the box marked 'Amazon' with excitement, I was trying my best to contain my excitement. As the Kindle appeared, resplendent in its shiny cream plastic and brushed aluminium back, I allowed myself a grin, because I've been waiting for this frickin thing for too long.


Is it possible to bring something fresh to the table in the DSLR market? Sure it is, but it all comes down to the same thing in the end. Better specs, filling a niche position in the market, and refining the product. Hello, Canon 7D.


We thought that we already knew just how glorious that Canon's $US2,699 EOS 5D Mark II would be, but the camera has one trick up its sleeve that's more practical than another megapixel boost, or maybe even its ability to capture 1080p HD video. Seriously. The camera can keep track of up to six batteries in its internal database, managing which of them still have juice.


Moody, very moody, and quite serious: that's how I'd label the new teaser from Canon that gives the merest hints of an upcoming "serious" EOS camera. Have a look at that bulky shoulder and the smooth curve over the pentaprism mount—classic high-end EOS right there: the apparent lack of pop-up flash is the give-away. Clearly it's time for Canon to draw attention away from Nikon with its swanky new D90, but what's it got ready for us under the "destined evolution" banner? Best guess so far is a 5D upgrade, but over to you in the comments, EOS fans.


We can say with pretty high confidence that a 5D successor, the 5D Mk II, will be hitting before '08 is out, and with Photokina coming up later this month, rumours are beginning to fly. Canon Rumors is vouching for their source that just dropped them the following tasty-looking specs on the new full-frame sensor, top-end Canon EOS DSLR: 21.1 MP, DIGIC IV, and an HD movie mode (like the D90's), among others.


It looks like data on the upcoming Canon EOS 50D DSLR has been leaked onto the web, by Canon itself. Details appeared briefly on Canon's China site, although the link now is disabled, and gave an insight into what specs the beast will have. They're pretty decent: it's a 15.1-megapixel camera (with standard 1.6x CMOS sensor factor) with a 9-segment AF/AE sensor array, 95% view viewfinder and shoots at ISO 100 to 3200, with an "expansion" to 6400 and 12800. There's also face recognition auto focus, 6.3 frames-per-second high-speed shooting, and 14-bit image processing by the Digic 4 processor. Interestingly it'll have an HDMI output too. Obviously we'll have to wait for a proper release to know more—including data on prices and release dates.


Canon's entry-level EOS Rebel XS (1000D) just got more official stateside, with a price and release date: US$699.99 for the kit, with the same f/3.5-5.6 18-55mm image-stabilizing lens as the XSi, and it ships next month. Note that Canon has dropped the "Digital" part of the name, since it's sort of redundant. To see how it stacks up against the XTi and XSi, check out our easy comparison chart here, or hit the press release below.