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"JOBS, JOBS, JOBS," the Trump campaign liked to say. But upon assuming office, one of the first things that Trump did was initiate a hiring freeze in the US federal government. And now, EPA has announced its plan to push out as many as 1228 people on its staff by the end of winter.


It seems utterly and incredibly sexist today, but 60 years ago many companies required female employees to resign when they married. This internal memo marks the day that IBM decided that was a stupid idea.


Apple Store employees are supposed to smartly guide your crucial, Apple related life decisions. But now some regret their own choice to take the company's underpaid retail jobs, and their hipster existential crisis could produce the trendiest union ever.


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And here I thought Burger King was the classy fast food establishment! Oh wait that's Wendy's. Anywho, two California Burger King employees were fired for printing "FUCK YOU" on a customer's receipt. Watch local reporters take the matter very seriously.


Eve Tahmincioglu, a career columnist for MSNBC is questioning whether or not Circuit City's decision to fire 3,400 of their highest-paid clerks and replace them with lower-paid substitutes last year had a major impact on their recent decline. Let's face it, customer service in Circuit City is far from stellar, and ditching highly qualified personnel does nothing to improve that situation. Plus, it is bound to send a shockwave of poor morale through the company. It's one of the first rules of business—spending money on quality employees pays off in the long run.


Web-based employee tracking company HourDoc.com has just released a new service that will enable employees working on remote projects to clock-in and out by sending a simple text message. The system consists of four commands: "in", "out", "bin" or "bout" meaning "clocking in", "clocking out", "taking a break/clock in" or "taking a break/clock out." Obviously, this SMS system is reserved only for the most anal retentive and overbearing of bosses, but I don't see how it would be effective in the first place. Couldn't you just clock back in from lunch while sitting at the bar?