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Remember how Donald Trump hammered on Hillary Clinton for using a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State? During the election, Trump went as far as wanting to put "Crooked Hillary" behind bars, because having staffers use emails not monitored by the government could be a bad thing. But according to a new report from Newsweek, key Trump staffers are all have using accounts running on the Republican National Committee's private email server.


In an email accidentally sent to a BuzzFeed reporter, a Facebook spokesperson said the idea of a Muslim registry is a "straw man" — a sham argument that misrepresents another's belief. Earlier this month, The Intercept asked nine tech companies if they would aide Trump in creating a Muslim registry. Facebook — along with Google, Apple and IBM — did not respond; Twitter was the only company to say no.


New York Times reporter David Sanger worked extensively with former deputy CIA director Michael Morell during the reporting of his book Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power — even arranging to provide Morell with access to an entire unpublished chapter for his review — according to documents obtained by Gizmodo.


The FBI just sent a letter to members of the US House Judiciary Committee who were looking into Hillary Clinton's private email server. And how you feel about Clinton will likely determine your response. Republicans claim that the investigation has been "reopened". Democrats say it's just a fart in the wind.


Turns out there was more to Wikileaks' John Podesta email dump than just weird messages from Tom DeLonge and Katie Couric's email preferences — the cache also includes what appears to be a personal email address belonging to one Barack Obama.


Buried within the Podesta email leaks is an extremely emotional ongoing debate about email etiquette. Specifically, what to do when it comes to subject lines. The email subject line, in theory, contains an overview of what's inside. But in the modern day of infinitely long and amorphous chains, that isn't always the case. And Clinton staffer Philippe Reines is passionate about clearly identifying emails.


Inbox by Gmail has been around for almost two years, and while it continues to exist alongside Gmail, it's easy to see that Google engineers see Inbox as the email app of the future. New features are being added on a regular basis, and with each one, it's slowly becoming smarter and easier to use. Here are five reasons you should consider switching to Inbox right now.


Hillary Clinton's email scandal is far from over. On Monday, a US Federal District Court judge ordered the State Department to provide a timetable for the release of 14,900 new documents, most of which are believed to be emails sent to and from Hillary Clinton.