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Electrolux has been a trusted name in floor care for longer than most of us have been alive. Now, they want to take floor care out of your hands and put it all in the brush-hands of a robot: The Pure i9. It zips, it zooms, it cleans, it glides... but does it suck well, or just plain suck?

Electrolux is known for its bold and sometimes ridiculous concepts, and the Swedish appliance manufacturer holds a contest every year to encourage young designers to submit their innovative/cockamamie ideas. And this year's finalists? Well, they're just as bonkers as you'd expect.

Suction power has become an important bullet point when it comes to selling vacuums. But what really matters to consumers is how easy they are to empty. The annoying bags of yesteryear have been replaced with easy to use trapdoor canisters, which now see further improvement with Electrolux's new UltraCaptic cleaners that compress the dust into an easily disposable disc.

The winner of the Australian Electrolux Design Lab 2011 is a cool (and hot) ribbon concept. Meanwhile, on the other side of the vacuum cleaner fence, an Australian designers concept for a condensation crop watering system is in the running for the James Dyson 2011 Award.

Imagine adding to this kitchen bit-by-bit as your cooking skills increase. Or as your home-office needs change, considering it looks like this Electrolux concept has considered converging the kitchen and office space to suit small flat-holders.

Swedish appliance giant Electrolux is commissioning a series of restaurants to temporarily sit on top of famous buildings and mountains in Europe. Yes, the idea is insane and, no, we have no idea how they got permission to do this.

Willing to pay over $US1000 for an oven hood that doesn't stand out like a sore thumb? Electrolux's EFA50700 has been designed to look just like a lampshade (albeit, a shade for a motherfriggin' large light bulb), and still manages to extract air across three different levels.

If there's one thing we've learnt in recent years looking at designs from the Electrolux and Dyson design competitions, it's that young Australian designers are exceptionally talented. That's probably why Electrolux has introduced a dedicated prize for Australian designers, with the chance to win a six month internship with a senior Australian Electrolux designer.