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This week on TreeHugger, rainbow machines (unicorns not included), satellites that hunt woodpeckers from space, hammock-shaped houses, new war games that use weather as weaponry, badass furniture designs and more.

To paraphrase William Gibson, the future of lighting is here, it's just not evenly distributed. Light-emitting diodes (LED) lightbulbs have been coming on the market in the past few years, but their quality varies greatly, from "almost perfect" to "horrible".

Europe! You're so quirky. Specifically one Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denmark, which rewards guests who peddle on electricity-generating exercise bikes for 15 minutes with food. How long would I have to ride for a minibar pass?

This week at TreeHugger: Say hello to the "Cuter Scooter," the latest electric, foldable, affordable scooter from the brain maniacs at MIT. The Danish city of Gren is putting RFID to work for the green good with a pretty slick idea involving bikes, traffic and keeping the two from running in to each other. Get the real story on how much vampire power your Wii is sucking down from "the count" himself (bwa ha ha). Lastly, an electric eel powering a Christmas tree? Only in Japan...