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If you think we have problems now, just wait a few billion years, when the accelerating expansion of the universe triggers an energy crisis of cosmological proportions.

Sounds grim, but as a new paper points out, an advanced civilisation faced with doom won’t have to go gently into that good night — there may very well be a way to rage against the dying of the light.

Some day in the far future, it's possible our descendants will kick it up a notch and wrap the entire Sun in a massive solar-collecting shell known as a Dyson Sphere. It's also possible that some advanced alien civilisations have already gone this route, which is why some SETI folks are on the lookout for these hypothetical objects. But a new study proposes that aliens are more likely to build megastructures around pulsars than stars -- and importantly, we should be able to detect these objects from Earth using current technology.

Jupiter is often referred to as a "failed star", leading some futurists to wonder if our descendants might set it ablaze in a process called planetary stellification. A new study suggests this is indeed theoretically possible -- and that we should be on the hunt for galactic aliens who have already converted their gas giants into stellar objects.