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Have you ever noticed that near the end of a long meeting in a sealed conference room everyone's a little sleepy? It obviously has nothing to do with your clipart-filled PowerPoint slides -- it's actually related to a build-up of CO2 making it hard for everyone to think and concentrate. It's an unfortunate by-product of airtight energy-efficient buildings that researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute want to fix.


There's something about secret doors that makes my spine tingle. The excitement! The mystery! But most secret doors are on the inside of a house -- pull that book to reveal a hidden chamber! push that wall through! -- this one, amazingly, is on the outside. It's so good you don't even see it.


If you're prone to losing your keys and locking yourself out of the house when you get home, you'll want to pay attention to this brilliant home mod by YouTuber oggfaba. Using hardware and timber you can easily find at any home improvement megalopolis, they created a near-invisible secret door that perfectly blends in with the exterior of their house.


Doors are some seriously ancient tech but they have this problem where they can only keep people out if they're closed. This bizarre but clever take on the "revolving door" by a company called Barbecan, on the other hand, aims to get you inside, but simultaneously keep any ne'er-do-wells out. Specifically ne'er-do-wells with bombs and guns.


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Want to get into David Glicksman's workshop? You don't need a key, you just need to know the right knock. So awesome.


It's an alarmingly simple concept that claims to be the world's first application: Netherlands-based company Natuurcafé La Port installed a power generator into a revolving door. Fantastic, but it took us this long?


There are all kinds of keyless door locks on the market these days, but this DIY version utilises a touch-sensitive system powered by an arduino that offers a cheap, secure and discreet method of entering a locked room. To gain access, the user must touch a wire jutting out from the door in a specific sequence. Yeah, this project is super-ghetto, but it would be awesome integrated into the doorknob itself.