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This past weekend, the BBC aired Terry Pratchett: Back in Black, a part-drama, part-documentary tribute to mark the death of one of fantasy's most beloved authors. Typically, these sorts of specials about dead celebrities include "talking head" insight from fellow celebrities, but rarely cover the indelible mark left on seas of ordinary fans. Back in Black does, and it's what makes it stand out as a stunning farewell to Pratchett.


The only thing attracting more attention than the US election right now is that harrowing Planet Earth II video showing a recently hatched iguana as it fends off an army of snakes. For those who can't get enough of this clip, BBC Earth has released some new footage of the encounter as it was being filmed.


It's almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, dive into the trove of documentaries available on Australian streaming services — the one area we are remarkably rich in content. To get you going, here are 15 brilliant documentaries exploring different aspects of humanity and civilisation.


Yoshida Brewery in northern Japan is a 144-year-old family brewery that makes sake the old-fashioned way. That is, they make sake in a way that preserves a 2000-year-old tradition. Erik Shirai made a beautiful short of the people at Yoshida and the process of making sake in his film The Birth of Sake, and it looks like it will be an incredible watch.


The Moken people in Southeast Asia are known as "Sea Gypsies" because they're a nomadic group of people whose life revolves completely around the ocean. This documentary gives you a glimpse of their life, like how a man can't propose to a woman unless he can make a boat or how love is found in the middle of the sea.