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Terminator 2 isn't just a film, it's an achievement. James Cameron managed to create a movie that was not only tense and action-packed, but also revolutionary. It was the harbinger for what visual effects could do, and changed the industry forever. And it turns out, a lot of it was made possible by a small group flying by the seat of their pants, just to see what would work.


Not just focused on streaming providers, the exposure draft of the bill covers GST on digital goods and services sold by overseas vendors in Australia. Netflix will be paying up of course, but so will sellers of e-books, music, apps and other downloaded purchases.


We all know the scare stories. Growing numbers of people are becoming addicted to the internet and constantly checking their digital gadgets. They are steadily disconnecting us from real life, real relationships and real meaning. To this supposed problem of digital dependence, an antidote has been emerging: the "digital detox" retreat. Companies are advertising technology-free resorts, holiday packages, city breaks and summer camps.


The eternal debate of film versus digital. In a sense, arguing between the two for any practical purpose is pretty much a moot point, since digital has become the go-to in the world of photography. But that doesn't mean it's not fun to compare the two every so often. This series of animations asks you to do just that, in a dazzling way.


Adelaide has this morning undergone its analogue TV switch-off, meaning that all of your elderly relatives have probably left messages for you asking why their TV doesn't work anymore. It's a digital-only world in the City Of Churches now, and a few enterprising folk captured the moment that the analogue signal died.


Newsweek's 90th anniversary will be next February, but you won't be able to find a commemorative issue in newsstands or in your mailbox. After December 31, the weekly magazine will cease to be anything more than bits downloaded to your iPad. It's the end of an era for one of America's most stalwart weeklies, but don't think for a second that it heralds the end of print.


30 years ago today, workers in a factory outside of Hanover, Germany played host to executives from Polygram, Sony and Philips. These executives were here to see something they knew was going to be special. After a while, they were handed a small, circular disc. These executives were holding the first Compact Disc ever pressed. 30 years have passed since that day, and now, on the technology's 30th birthday, we take a look back at how it became one of the world's most popular formats.


The Internet Underground Music Archive was most heavily active back in the '90s, before being sold out as part of the dot-com boom and eventually fading away back in 2006. Enterprising souls have unearthed dusty archive tapes and resurrected the archive for your listening pleasure.


Long before the Today Show, Richard Wilkins brought MTV to Australia as a program on Channel 9. This video from around 1988 is as charming as it is naive. It's the early days of electronic music when sampling was considered theft. Beastie Boys, Ice T, Fresh Prince -- sorry, Will Smith -- Jazzy Jeff, Cold Cut, De La Soul and even Debbie Gibson try and get to the bottom of the question "is sampling art or stealing?"