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We all know iPods have taken over the world, but the Cowon S9 looked like the perfect alternative to the iPod touch for those of you who hate Apple, so I ordered one in.

CNET got their hands on Cowon's new flash-based PMP, the O2, and they think it's one of the year's best dedicated media players. The 4.3-inch touchscreen player has a truly ridiculous list of supported codecs, an SDHC slot to expand its internal 8, 16, or 32GB memory, solid (if not too flashy) GUI, and a surprisingly affordable price: only $US219, $US249, and $US299 respectively.

Cowon's upcoming P5 will improve on their A3 and Q5W portable media players (which we've both reviewed) with the addition of a haptics touch-feedback feature. The rest is fairly similar: a 800x480 screen, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, TV-out, stereo speakers, USB, extreme codec support and 40GB-80GB sizes. There will still be Wi-Fi, but you'll have to get it tacked on after the fact with a dongle. The Korean price is US$430ish by the end of the month. No US info yet as far as we know. Maybe we can trade them an early sneak peek at Starcraft 3 for this?

We've reviewed both the Cowon A3 and the Q5W and found them to be fantastic media players with a pretty damn wide range of video and audio format support. Cowon's just bumped up both players to 80GB, which is great since you're probably going to be loading both with lots of video files. We're still waiting for it to go up to 160GB like the iPod classics though.

This is a Cowon Q5W PMP that's been rigged to hook up to an original Playstation controller and running a SNES emulator. One the one hand, it's sweet to see SNES games being played on a PMP. On the other hand, this is a honking $550+ PMP, so you'd probably be pretty pissed if it didn't have the juice to do this. In any case, neat! I'll take SNES emulation anywhere and everywhere.

As dapreview points out, this just-announced Cowon N3 looks quite like the Cowon Q5W we reviewed a few weeks ago. The most noticeable difference comes from the fact that this has a 7-inch screen as opposed to the Q5's 5-incher. Other than that, there's no internal memory—you have to use one of two SDHC slots to add storage—and GPS and DMB (portable TV) support. The good news is that this does support DivX/XviD and all the other video and audio codecs the Q5W does, meaning that you'll never have to go a second without entertainment. Ever.

The Gadget: The Cowon Q5W PMP that has a feature list as long as my leg, which (and this is abbreviated) supports a bunch of video formats such as DivX and XviD, along with various nerd-friendly audio formats like OGG and FLAC. It's also got an optional GPS mount as well, in addition to 60GB of storage and a 720x480 display.

The Price: $US599 for 60GB, $US549 for 40GB

The Cowon Q5W could be one of the most feature rich PMPs we've seen yet, even beating out Archos's big boys in terms of how much stuff you can cram into a music and video player. Oh, and it's not nearly as un-carriable as the Archos devices either, which is fantastic.

The Rundown: The Cowon A3 PMP looks to be a full sized PMP (5 inches across its long side) competitive in nature with its 4-inch, 800 x 480 screen and industry standard features including generous DivX support among other formats, text file viewer, photo viewer with support for huge files and USB host mode, audio recorder with built in mic and MP3/OGG/AAC music support.

The Catch: At $US350/$US400 for 30/60GB, this much PMP doesn't come cheap.