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Ever heard of Goldman Sachs Structured Products Limited? How about GS Holdings L.L.C. II.? No? Both are nodes on a web of more than 4000 holding companies, woven by the Goldman Sachs Group to evade taxes on its — let's see here — $US8.61 billion in annual profits. It's an incredibly complex operation, and thanks to this interactive map, we're now able to explore it.


DivX Inc, the company that owns the codec which made your early 2000s movie downloads look actually not too bad, is being acquired by Sonic Solutions, a content delivery company, for a reported $US300 million. Sonic's been working in circular media like CDs and DVDs for years - they own the popular Roxio brand - but is now looking to the internet as the content delivery platform of the future. DivX, a current competitor of Sonic's, has been helping deliver video content to internet users, legally and otherwise, for years.