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The largest great apes on Earth have suffered a "catastrophic" population collapse over the past twenty years, according to a report published today by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Grauer's gorilla, a subspecies found only in the lawless eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, is a victim of the same brutal civil war that claimed up to six million human lives from 1996 to 2003.


Most people who own a smartphone — or a laptop, or a new car — aren't familiar with tantalum, the rare, blue-grey metal that conducts electricity through these devices. But thanks to skyrocketing demand from electronics makers, tantalum — along with a handful of other rare minerals — is an incredibly sought-after metal. And it's fuelling the ongoing conflict in Congo.


Irish war photographer Richard Mosse has traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo three times in the past three years — he's made it his mission, he says, to document a war so deep-seeded and tragic that it challenges "the limits of description". To describe the indescribable, Mosse has developed a unique methodology: he shoots using Kodak Aerochrome, a rare infrared film originally developed by the military to spot camouflage from above.


An old woman had died. Before burying the her, the residents of the village of Obo - in southern Central African Republic, just north of the Congolese border - gathered around a campfire to eat, drink, cry and sing in celebration of the woman's long life. It was a night in March 2008, just another beat in the slow rhythm of existence in this farming community of 13,000 people.


A routine flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo turned deadly when a crocodile escaped from a passenger's duffle bag. According to the flight's sole human survivor, panicking passengers fled into the cockpit and caused the pilot to lose control.