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This article will save your life. A basic paper map is the simplest, most reliable and most effective way to find your location and navigate somewhere else. But, in the age of GPS and Google Maps, many people have forgotten how to use one. Here's how to never get lost again.


As you battle your way into the great outdoors on a bushwalk or camping excursion, you need both hands free for pushing away branches or fighting off wildlife — not handling a compass. So to guarantee you're still headed in the right direction, this vibrating compass will always keep you aware of true north without requiring you to stare at a needle.


It's not surprising that having a mobile operating system from the guys at Google means you're going to get some pretty fancy implementations of Google Apps. One of the great features that the HTC Dream offers thanks to its Android OS is the compass mode when viewing Streetview in Google Maps. It uses a combination of the phone's accelerometer and GPS to create a compass, that when combined with Streetview, will show the street in 360 degrees as you rotate your phone.


I have no idea what a Feng Shui compass is supposed to do (even after reading that explanation), but I do know that this is the world's first electronic Feng Shui compass—and that's automatically awesome. Did the crazy people who invented Feng Shui 4,000 years ago imagine that their imaginary system of furniture placement and directional sitting would be adopted into something so...electronic? Would they be ashamed? Proud? Am I going to get killed like Bruce Lee for making fun of Feng Shui? Watch the video to find out.