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Community, the comedy series formerly housed at US broadcaster NBC, just doesn't want to die. It was first cancelled after the fifth season, only to be thrown a lifeline by Yahoo in the form of a 13-episode season six. With the new shows arriving in late March, it's almost as if Community was never axed, especially seeing as you'll be able to watch them on Stan around the same time they air overseas.


Everyone's favourite is-it-on-again/is-it-off-again comedy is indeed coming back for another season. But not on another network — on Yahoo, who is following Netflix and Hulu's leads with a cannonball into the original content waters.


Those hoping for the debut of Mr Egypt or Intensive Karen may have gotten their wishes granted, with NBC calling it quits on sitcom Community after five seasons. Despite losing its way in earlier seasons, the latest block of 13 episodes were quality, mostly thanks to creator Dan Harmon coming back on board. Sadly, it wasn't enough to right the ship.


When Joshua Meadows moved to Sydney from the bright lights of New York City, the only person he knew was his partner who moved over with him. Joshua, a gamer, craved a social circle he could call his own, and right after his residency visa cleared, Joshua joined a group for gay, lesbian and transgender games called Sydney Gaymers. Little did he know, he'd just joined a community that he would go on to lead as it grew exponentially in its membership in the next 12 months. Now, on the precipice of its first anniversary, the group has over 400 loyal members and is preparing to march as the first group of gamers in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, with a float sponsored by gaming heavyweights like Valve, Sony and NCSoft.


It's been a little over a decade since Spiderman first swung into our cinemas while slinging box office records around the place in the process. Three movies and a musical later, we're now left with a reboot of the franchise and hopefully a chance to right some of the mistakes that were made last time. This is the Gizmodo Australia meta-review of The Amazing Spiderman!


Which, in turn, rips the hell out of Doctor Who. Even with such obvious roots, the fictional Inspector Spacetime, from NBC's Community, has managed to make its own, small stamp on popular culture, enough to inspire people to create a web mini-series detailing the exploits of this space/time-travelling protector of the universe. As long as it's not called "Inspector Spacetime".


So, the Vodafone network's been overwhelmed by a deluge of criticism recently? Customers have flocked to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, plus community forums like Whirlpool to complain about poor coverage and service from the telco. But tracking all those sites is hard work, so Vodafone has created a community forum so you can bitch about the company to their face.


It's not really a problem for me, with my single-digit Twitter following, but anecdotal evidence shows that once a social networking community gets too big, the back-and-forth that created it evaporates. What I'm saying is, Ashton Kutcher is very lonely.