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Every so often, two wildly different franchises come together to form a perfect, hilarious whole. In this case, we have Westworld, a sci-fi TV show set in a wild-west theme park populated by androids, combined with City Slickers, a 1991 comedy western where three city-dwelling friends venture from the big smoke to discover themselves. Funny Or Die decided to mix them together, gathering cast members from both properties and it works amazingly well.


Video: The director Oscar Hudson explains that his music video for Bonobo's song No Reason is a film about staying indoors. I think it's a magnificent take on that feeling when you've stayed indoors for way too long and you suddenly feel trapped and unable to escape because you've run out of things to do inside and the walls are starting to close in and you become a little crazy.


As currents shift in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, they bring an abundance of nutrients and plankton to the region, luring predators of all sizes. Swarms of anchoveta arrive first for an easy meal, but soon find themselves having to come up with unique ways to fend off larger predators like sharks and tuna. The result should be familiar to fans of the popular B-movie Sharknado.