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Sadly, watch phones still aren't cool, but Dick Tracy called the weekend news desk and approved the heck out of these his and her models from Chinavision. Sporting dual SIM cards, these black and pink pieces of geek arm candy do video and music, take pictures, and feature a touchscreen (complete with mini stylus). They just don't do cool. Unless, of course, you happen to look great in yellow and have penchant for battling wildly exaggerated baddies whose names reflect their physical appearances. Bluetooth headset included for about $US148 (discount for buying in pairs—how cute).

Every webcam girl worth her salt knows that there's nothing sexier than the "oh my, is there a breeze in here causing my hair to be all windswept" look, which makes this new accessory from Chinavision absolutely genius. It's a 1.3mp webcam and fan, with both pieces mounted on separate adjustable arms. And in case you need more lighting to really make it seem like you're starring in your own 90s girl group music video, it comes with two extra white LED lights as well. No listed price, but Chinavision offers a discount if you buy it in bulk.

The day when the watch is once again a useful piece of technology is looming over us. For proof, check out Chinavasion's Multimedia Watch, which packs in a 1.8-inch LCD (160 x 128), voice recorder, in-built loudspeaker, 8GB flash, as well as support for pretty much every media codec ever conceived. (AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MP3, WMA, JPEG and the list goes on.)

This little audio/video spy camera from Chinavision will put a touch of James Bond in your Juicy Fruit. Sized perfectly to slide inconspicuously into a gum wrapper, swallowing the camera in dire emergencies will become far more palatable. Sure the specs leave a lot to be desired, as a 176x144 video in 3GP format (mobile phone MPEG4) isn't going to convince any international court that these women having towel fights in locker rooms need to be stopped. But the 2GB MicroSD slot should make room for plenty of video. Buy it in small, wholesale lots for about $US30 a unit.

Chinavasion's new video player is ugly, yellow and not very user friendly, but if you need to be able to watch videos underwater it looks like your only option. You can dive as far as 3-meters underwater and it will keep on playing your AMV videos (Don't worry it comes with conversion software).

While it only has 1GB of storage space, this shouldn't be too big of a problem since the 1.8-inch screen can only show off videos at a resolution of 128x128 and at a rate of 15-fps. No word on price yet, but who cares how much it costs when you fulfill your lifelong dream of watching porn at the bottom of the pool?