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At last year's CES, we heard how OLED was the future of TV. Blacker blacks, more vibrant colour and dangerously sexy curves. Flash forward a year and Samsung is cheering for a new technology: SUHD TV, powered by Quantum Dot technology. But what of OLED? Can you still buy a great Samsung OLED TV in 2015?

Tonino Lamborghini is really good at making expensive things. For decades, that's mostly meant cars -- beautiful, beautiful cars that 99 per cent of people will never even get the chance to sit in, let alone drive. But where these overly luxurious autos can inspire car envy, the Lambo smartphone, called the 88 Tauri, really doesn't.

A smartphone company launching a smartwatch is in no way original. In fact, we saw five of them last year -- and that's only counting the Android Wear crowd. So Alcatel OneTouch, a company best known for budget-friendly smartphones, is just another marching band in the continuous wearable parade.

As this year's Consumer Electronics Show winds down, we're taking the chance to highlight our favourites. There were bigger announcements and flashier gadgets, but these are what that stuck with us on a personal level.

This was my seventh year I've covered CES, and after the first day on the show floor I was ready to wash my hands of the whole spectacle for good. Then I went to the Sands, and all of a sudden I never wanted to leave.

At Samsung's CES keynote this week, CEO Boo-Keun Yoon is talking a big game about Samsung's ambitions for the internet of things. Within five years, he says ever single thing that Samsung makes will be a smart device that connects to the fabled Internet of Things. Among the promises? Samsung's Internet of Things will be O P E N.

What does the guy charged with kitting out NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab do all day? He has to provide tech for the smartest people on the planet, and buy gadgets to enable the next-generation of space-flight. Despite the lofty job description, Tom Soderstrom has still found time to enable a 3D-printed spacecraft, and hopes to one day augment the way our brains work using technology. Get ready for blast-off.

Asus popularised the cheap detachable laptop, but they have always been chunky little things. Not the Transformer Book Chi. Asus claims the new 10.1-inch T100 Chi is the thinnest Windows tablet ever made. And the 12.5-inch T300 Chi -- combined with its keyboard -- is now thinner than a MacBook Air.

Video: More and more Aussies are sitting down in front of sports like cricket, tennis and football with a refreshing drink in one hand and some sort of mobile device in the other. In a bid help you keep your eyes on the game and not your tablet, Samsung is bringing a new feature to its Smart TVs in 2015 called Sports Live.