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The Byteside gang pulled out a corker of a final show for their second season. It's all about Augmented Reality, and unless you were either at Byteside and have seen this already, or you happen to be one of the panellists, chances are watching this video will make you smarter.

It was really something else on the Byteside panel this week. It was a privilege to be able to sit between two guys – Crikey's Stilgherrian and Scott Rhodie from Hothouse - who knew more about living life online than anybody I've ever met before.

If you're in Sydney and fancy a few beers while watching me talk about stuff, you should definitely head over to the Hotel CBD tomorrow night. I'll be there with Byteside host and friend of Giz Seamus Byrne, Crikey's tech writer Stilgherrian and some mysterious genius from Google to talk about living your life online. It should be a lot of fun!

It's not enough you get that many two-letter acronyms / abbreviations into a headline. But then, 3D doesn't come along every day. Just now and then for each generation. This week on Byteside Tech it was all about 3D, and the panel bounced a lot of pros and cons around making for a solid discussion on whether this time it will be here for keeps.

Like the idea of 3D, but worried about the prospect of 'binocular dysphoria'? Tomorrow night Byteside is all about what's going on in the world of 3D. Screens, content, glasses or no, how it's changing the business, and what's going to be the hook that sells a thousand screens? You're welcome to join the fun live in Sydney!

This week's Byteside is up online now, and it's easily the geekiest show so far. If you've ever wondered about the benefits of expensive audio cables, the question of analog vs digital audio or anything else audio, you can watch the video below.

Audiophiles take note - Byteside's on tonight and they're talking audio. And seriously, once you start guest panellist and Sound and Image editor Jez Ford talking about audio, you can expect to sit back and enjoy some really good stories...

If you're planning on sitting at home catching up on reruns of Malcolm in the Middle, or worse, The Biggest Loser: Couples tomorrow night and you're based in Sydney, you should get off your backside and head into the Hotel CBD for the first Byteside episode for 2010.

I received word this morning from the guys over at Byteside that their Xmas Spectacular - of which your truly will be a part of the panel - only has a handful of places left. If you want to spend next Tuesday night drinking Christmas Cheer (that's rhyming slang I just made up) while watching me and a handful of other tech and gaming journos talk Christmasy gadgets, then make sure you RSVP today.

I missed heading to last week's Byteside show thanks to a 4am start the next morning, but watching the tech show over the weekend was like a fantastic walk down gadget memory lane. iPods, the Internet, Bitorrent, mobile phones, UI software... it's amazing to look back and realise just how far we've come over the past decade. It's a long video, but well worth watching...

Tonight's the last night for this season of Byteside, the brain child of former Giz editor Seamus. If you're in Sydney tonight and fancy sharing a few beers with like-minded geeks, make sure you RSVP. Tonight's shows will be a retrospective look back at the past decade, and the highs and lows of both technology and games. I'll be there, so make sure you say G'day!

For those of you who haven't yet caught episode two of Byteside, last week's games show tackled the whole R18+ rating debate. What made the discussion really worth mentioning however was the inclusion on the panel of Paul Hunt, former Deputy Director of the OFLC. You know, the guys who actually ban games.