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'It's Not My Job To Plug Things In', And Other Nightmare IT Stories These are all terrifying stories.

How Do 'Futuristic' Concept Cars From The 70s And 80s Hold Up Today? Honestly, we need more of these in real life.

A Cheaper Non-Hovering Hoverboard Prop That Doesn't Feel Like A Rip-Off I would hang this on my wall. If only I could ride it down the street.

The 10 Best Episodes Of Top Gear, Ever Forget the haters. These are all great.

Missing Restricted Military Gear Keeps Popping Up For Sale On eBay That's awkward.

Tony Stark Should Have Painted His Iron Man Suit Stealthy From Day One Holy crap.


Netflix Australia Leak: Pricing And Content Library Revealed? The pricing may have been confirmed this morning, but the content leak is still super interesting.

Can An On-Demand IV Really Cure A Hangover? Look I'll need to have a really massive night in order to test this.

New Board Game Pits Tesla Against Edison, History's Greatest Underdog The oldest, nerdiest rivalry in history.

This Is How NASA Tests Spacesuits Ahead Of Missions You'd want to make sure they really tested the thing before you used it.

Need A Fat SSD? $240 Gets You A 500GB Samsung 850 EVO Here's next weekend's project.


How To Cook Delicious Bacon Using An M16 Rifle Here's your Monday-morning breakfast, sorted.

Returning To Earth Has Never Been So Beautiful Hello, new desktop wallpaper.

The World's Most Popular Beers In One Neat Map You're so much better than that, Australia.

Microsoft's Digital Assistant Cortana Is Likely Headed To Android, iOS Cortana's actually pretty cool. Here's hoping more people use it.

Sadly, This 10TB Hard Drive Is Designed For Servers, Not Your Laptop Aww.


Your Torrent Client Might Be Mining Bitcoin Without Telling You Naughty uTorrent. Bad.

Sick Of uTorrent's Crap? Try These Other Torrent Clients Punish that mining crap right off your PC.

What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Grenade Is Thrown At You? Pray.

Windows 93: The Most Fun You'll Ever Have With An Operating System God, it's a living nightmare.

Insane Night Wingsuit Flight Results In This Spectacular Picture Holy. Crap.


Your New Galaxy S6 Will Have A Built-In Expiration Date Does this make you want to rethink upgrading from your Galaxy S5?

Can A Mini-PC Replace A Console In The Living Room? It would be a major investment at those prices.

HTC One M9: New Personality, Same Face More bling.

Qualcomm's New Fingerprint Recognition Could Be Better Than Touch ID And it won't just be limited to iPhones.

Lumia 640 And 640 XL: More Budget Microsoft Smartphones Both will also be upgradeable to Windows 10.


A Jacket With Its Own Laugh Track Makes You Terrifying Find out what it's like to live inside an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

If You Want A Sunny Wedding Day You Can Pay $US150k To Explode Clouds Cloud bombing sounds like a terrifying business.

It's Official: That Much-Hyped Big Bang Discovery Was Literally All Dust Back to the cosmic drawing board.

This Anti-Bullet Wall Can Stop Bullets From Penetrating And Ricocheting Is Sydney drive-by shooting crime still on the rise? I might need some of these.

There's Actually A Legitimate Reason Why LA's Skyline Is So Ugly It's not just LA's skyline that's ugly...


Pushbullet Is A Fantastic App Every Phone Should Have It's not perfect, but it's the best I've used.

A Floating Artificial Reef Would Let You Walk Down Into The Ocean Deep This is such a great idea.

Turns Out Apple Pay Can't Solve Credit Card Fraud The convenience comes with a trade-off.

Watch People Freak Out At Their First Taste Of Virtual Reality Porn "Oh, oh, watch out!"

8 Musical Instruments That Are So Much Fun They're Practically Toys Wow, a pianocade.


2014 Was A Record Year For Skyscrapers, And That Could Be Bad News Australia made two contributions.

Mega Launches End-To-End Encrypted Audio And Video Chat Now you can Skype securely without Skype.

This Drone Crashed While Trying To Deliver 2.7kg Of Meth Too much meth makes even drones crash.

US Senate Agrees Climate Change Is Real, 98 Votes To 1 Now they have to agree on the cause. Oh boy.

This Destructive 3D Printer Is The Closest We've Come To Teleportation It's probably not what you imagined.


Windows 10 Has Cortana Voice Commands Baked Into Every Cranny Microsoft’s Cortana voice-assistant is coming to Windows 10 as we expected. Now you’ll be able to speak commands and ask questions throughout the operating system.

Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For The First Year This is a sea change in Microsoft’s strategy when it comes to upgrades. Gratis upgrades will be available for Windows 7, 8.1 and even Windows Phone 8.1 users for a full year.

This Is What Windows 10 Looks Like On A Phone We’ve seen bits and pieces of Windows 10's desktop through Microsoft’s preview program, but nothing on the mobile side. Until now.

Microsoft Office Will Be Free On Windows 10 Phones And Tablets Microsoft will bundle the all-new Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint as part of Window 10 for phones and tablets.

Microsoft's Spartan Browser Is Here To Save You From Internet Explorer Microsoft has created an alternative to Internet Explorer.


The 25 Most Popular Passwords Of 2014: We're All Doomed Still?! Come on.

Report: Sony Hackers Used A Zero Day Vulnerability To Break In It's sounding more and more unlikely to have been North Korea.

All The Fun Of Disposable Cameras, Without A Trip To The Photography Shop No filters. No retakes. Just like the olden days.

Prepare To Be Insanely Jealous Of This Toddler's Batmobile Stroller Awesome.

Gaze Into The Future Of Scotch Tape With 3M's Amazing New Dispenser Take my money. Take it and go.


Report: Apple May Be Creating A Stylus For The Rumoured iPad Pro A 5.5-inch iPhone, and now a stylus for the iPad.

The NSA Saw Signs That The Sony Hacks Were Coming And that's why the US was so quick to blame North Korea.

Bloomberg: HTC M9 With 20MP Camera And First Smartwatch Coming In March 20 megapixels is overkill, but I'll take it.

The First Watch With A Built-In Speedometer Is Absurdly Wonderful You'll pay an absurd price for it too.

It's Official: Someone Bought NYC's First $US100 Million Apartment That's $US90,000 a square metre.


Victoria Police Apprehend Man Riding 49cc Esky Without A License Australian of the Year right here.

Smart Billboards Arrive In Australia... And They Know What Car You're Driving Can they tell if you're driving like a twat?

How To Catch A Freight Train Ride To Freedom This is a great read.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between A Dragon And An Apache Helicopter? Serious questions deserve serious answers.

Here Are Some Dummies Giving Jimmy Kimmel Their Passwords On National TV You idiots.


The Lego Movie Oscars Snub Is Garbage Everything is NOT awesome.

Xiaomi Mi Note: A Sleek iPhone 6 Plus Alternative? What do you reckon, MIUI fans?

Fujifilm X-A2: An Updated Entry-Level Mirrorless For Selfie Lovers If it's anything like the X-T1, I'm interested.

A Door-Bottom Filter Keeps Your Neighbours' Smells Out Of Your Apartment It doesn't even need batteries.

The CIA Has Cleared Its Own Spies Of Snooping On US Senate Computers Of course it has.


New Chappie Trailer Shows The World Terrified By A Teen Robot Hugh Jackman's mullet is killing me.

Ulbricht Admits To Founding Online Drug Site, Says He's No Drug Dealer It was supposed to just be an "economic experiment".

IBM's Hulking New Mainframe Will Help You... Shop? And catch fraudulent transactions.

This Is Samsung's First Tizen Phone Is it finally ending its codependent relationship with Google's Android?

There's A Potential Ammonia Leak Aboard The ISS Scary. Good thing the astronauts get the day off to recover.


How Not To Smuggle 94 iPhones Through Chinese Customs If you can't insert them, strap them.

Samsung Galaxy A7: A Thin, Sleek Octo-Core Android 5MP auto-selfie front-facing cam? This will sell.

Men Who Post Lots Of Selfies Show Signs Of Psychopathy, Says Study OMG. I KNEW IT.

Here's The Trailer For 'House Of Cards' Season 3 It looks satisfyingly dirty and scandalous.

Report: The FBI Oversaw The NSA's Email Surveillance The finger-pointing continues.


How To Take Care Of Your Headphones The Right Way Look after your auditory companions.

2015: The Year We Take Ultra-Portable Gaming Notebooks Seriously Thin and light hits the gaming category in a big way.

Report: Apple Pay May Launch Internationally By March Ready to pay for stuff on your phone? Oh wait, we already are.

The Bad Dumb World Of 'Lady-Tech' More than a little problematic.

SpaceX Rocket Makes Crash Landing On A Drone Barge If at first you don't succeed...


LG's New Washing Machine Is Two Washers In One Wash your whites and colours separately but together? YES PLEASE.

8 Healthy Tech Habits To Adopt In 2015 Thou shalt not be stupid.

A Self-Adjusting Smart Belt: Yes, It's Come To This Tighten when you stand, loosen when you sit.

Parrot's New In-Dash System Lets Your Car Love Android And Apple Alike It will even come with an in-dash cam.

LaCie Wrapped This 1TB External Drive In Mirror-Finish Gorilla Glass Why can't my phone have this too?


It Looks Like Netflix Is Cracking Down On VPN 'Pirating' Netflix gets even more serious about VPN users.

If Your iCloud Password Is On This List, Change It Before You Get Hacked Maybe just change it anyway, to be on the safe side.

Acer's Chromebook 15 Is Honkin' Huge Huge and powerful — at least potentially.

This Indecisive Smartphone Can Run Android, Windows, Or Firefox OS Although not all at once.

Doctors Used To Harvest Penicillin From Urine Gives a whole new meaning to taking the...

Flappy Bird Is Probably The Perfect Smartwatch Game Am I the only one who doesn't "get" Flappy Bird?