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New Zealand has some weird birds, and they know it. Sure, you’ve probably seen the Seussian kiwi, but what about the kākāpo, a flightless parrot that looks like a particularly friendly owl? Have you heard of the morepork, an owl so named because it sounds like it shouts “MORE PORK,” or the wrybill, the only bird with a crooked beak? But only one bird could be the bird of the year, so the country voted for the kererū, the drunken New Zealand wood pigeon.

While the flightless dodo has long since died out -- because humans ate the crap out of them -- its memory lives on in our imagination. So much about the quirky birds -- which were endemic only to the island of Mauritius -- remains a mystery, but new research has finally provided some insights into the dodo's reproductive habits and life cycle.