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Guaranteed, your tub is nothing compared to the Oveflow Bathtubs. You might not be dirty, but after gazing at these new sunken whirlpools from Käsch, it's totally natural to want to spend the rest of your day soaking until your toes shrivel.

So you might think a carbon fibre bathtub is silly, but somewhere there's a person who won't just bathe themselves in a common porcelain basin -- they need excess. The Corcel N°1 is a beautiful thing for the awesomely opulent.

I love huge bathtubs, those deep enough to submerge myself up to the nose and spend an hour reading, like an illustrated crocodile. I love bathrooms too. So much that I wouldn't mind living permanently in any of these.

Having just a shower in NYC, I miss my large Spanish bath and the tsunamis that sometimes ensued inside. Maybe that's why I got all glassy-eyed when I saw this beautiful Infinity Bath and its custom waterproof touchscreen.

Soft LED lighting, go. Water jets, go. Warp drive, go. Life support, go. Champagne bottle, go. Good company, go. All systems go for perfect bath for two.