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Telstra has completed what it says is the first stage of a national upgrade to its backhaul transmission network, and Tasmania reaps the spoils -- its two Bass Strait undersea cables have been doubled in capacity to 1 terabit per second. Telstra says that the new tech can handle 200,000 HD videos being streamed simultaneously. Who wants to get out their phone and have a go?

The Basslink cable connecting Tasmania to mainland Australia has been cut. Repair crews don't yet know exactly where the fault is, the repair bill is projected to be "phenomenal", and full power and internet connectivity isn't expected to be fully restored until May. Customers of iiNet and Internode in particular are struggling, with services like Steam and peer-to-peer downloading throttled or blocked completely over the weekend.

Up until recently, 30 percent of Tasmania's power was coal generated -- imported via the Basslink power and communications cable from the mainland -- while 60 per cent came from the island's hydro-electric dams and stations, and a final 10 per cent was from wind farms.

But the Basslink cable broke in December, and dam levels are threatening record lows, leaving the future of Tasmania's power in uncertainty.

The major Basslink undersea power and communications cable that connects Tasmania to the Australian mainland will be cut until mid-March, while the company investigates and fixes a failure in its electricity transmission capacity. That'll leave Tasmanians with severely reduced connectivity to the internet for nearly six weeks, although contingencies are in place.