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Tiny wireless earphones are all the rage right now. Apple, Jabra, Sony, Jaybird, Bose, and now Bang & Olufsen have all joined the race to build miniature 'buds that sit in your ears without cables, and each one wants to be the pair in your pocket. B&O Play's Beoplay E8 takes a fashion-forward approach, but these pint-sized earphones also sound incredibly good for their size.

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The world is a noisy place filled with screaming children, coughing commuters and your work colleagues clacky mechanical keyboards. If you’re looking to drown those sounds out or if you’re a frequent flyer that just wants to get the roar of jet engines out of their ears, noise cancelling headphones should be at the top of your To Buy list. Here are five of the best for your consideration.

Bang & Olufsen's younger, funkier BeoPlay brand has really been kicking some goals recently; I haven't met a BeoPlay speaker that I haven't loved. The same is true even of this latest P2, a pint-sized USB-C-powered travel companion that makes perfect sense for anyone with a new Android phone to take with them in backpack or purse wherever they go. It sounds so much better than your phone's tinny speakers, but fits away in even the smallest bag.

Ever since LCD TVs hit the scene about 10 years ago, we've seen small and incremental changes -- better backlighting, higher quality panels. The last couple of years has been tumultuous, though, and 4K is now a thing (you'd be silly to buy a TV without it). With that done, TV makers are back to the minor iterative updates. But it's 2016, and even those updates are pretty damn cool.

B&O Play is the fun, fresh and funky younger brother of the storied Bang & Olufsen brand, the Danish audio and home entertainment group that has been in business since 1925. B&O Play is all about modern design and convenience, at a slightly more accessible price-tag than B&O proper -- and it's with that in mind that we're very impressed by the small but mighty B&O Play BeoPlay A1 Bluetooth speaker.

Melbourne's heritage-listed Cavendish House is the new home for Australia's flagship Bang & Olufsen home entertainment store. The store, opening today, has an interactive, motorised speaker wall that flips out each of B&O's high-end audio components as you're listening, and a pair of pneumatic pedestals that gives the viewer a tour of the company's super-luxury TVs.

Something about Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound Moment looks familiar, huh? The aluminium and glass slab is basically a big iPod that's supposed to power wireless music throughout your house. This thing is going to cost a damn fortune, but there's a lot of lovely design to admire -- even if no normal human will be able to afford it.

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days. Some are definitely better than others, but most of the wireless hi-fi units on the market are made by electronics companies rather than heritage audio companies with a foremost interest in sound quality. There are some longtime audio brands out there that take their time and do things right, though. Bang & Olufsen's first ever Bluetooth speaker, the BeoPlay A2, is actually one of the best you can buy.

We, the smartphone-and-MP3-addicted people, wear headphones from dusk till dawn. That means they've got to be comfortable for hours on end. Forget the bulk of fashion-forward full-sized cans and the irritation of earbuds -- for headphones that go the distance, three qualities trump everything else: comfort, durability, practicality.