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Almost a year ago, UK members of parliament asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify in person about how Facebook handles data privacy and online misinformation. And like Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix, Zuckerberg has repeatedly wriggled his way out of it, opting to send lackeys in his place.

But it seems like he finally has some free time in his schedule, as UK culture secretary Jeremy Wright is set to meet with Zuckerberg at Facebook’s headquarters today.

I thought we were finally free. The 2016 Ghostbusters movie was released, it exists. Now, there’s going to be another Ghostbusters movie. Sure, it’s not going to connect to the 2016 movie, which kind of blows, but it’s not a big deal. Really, it’s fine. Everything’s fine. Or at least it was. For some reason, or no reason at all, this is all becoming a thing again. And I hate it.

Accepting medical help in the U.S. country is often no easy task, especially given rising health care costs. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that plenty of people in need of emergency care first turn to Dr. Google for advice, according to a new study out Thursday.

Samsung came in swinging with its new S10 range yesterday.

The largely-overhauled device has been given some huge upgrades - from the camera to all of the specs under the hood. But all of those shiny new features come at a price, especially in the flagship S10+.

But is it actually worth it? We've compared it to one of the other most popular Android phones on the market - the Pixel 3 XL.

The Ricoh GR II is a cult favourite—A tiny pocketable point-and-shoot camera with a big APS-C crop sensor and a fine 18.3mm f/2.8 fixed lens. While Sony dominates the point-and-shoot field with its versatile RX100 series, the GR II has been a minimalist alternative built for photographers who want to take a step back from all the gadgetry. The new GR III retains much of what made it appealing before, with a few key improvements that should make shooting in tough conditions a little easier.

In a deal that made few ripples outside the energy industry, two very large but relatively obscure companies, Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger Limited, announced a joint venture called Sensia. The new company will “sell equipment and services to advance digital technology and automation in the oilfield,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

Yet the partnership has ramifications far beyond Houston’s energy corridor: It’s part of a growing trend that sees major tech companies teaming with oil giants to use automation, AI, and big data services to enhance oil exploration, extraction, and production.

What if I told you Facebook allowed advertisers to target users who were interested in Nazis?

Smartphones have been boring for years. They’re just glass rectangles that connect to the internet and take photos. When you rub on the screen, you can do other stuff like text your friends or play music. New smartphones are increasingly bigger and slicker than their predecessors, but really, they all do the same stuff. This year is supposed to bring us something different. This year, phones are getting weird again.

A black, thumb-sized missile sails through the jungle air, a thunderous buzzing announcing its arrival. The massive insect lands heavily on a tree-bound termite nest, taking a moment to fold its brassy wings and stretch its humongous, curved jaws. This is Wallace’s giant bee, the beefiest and bumbliest bee on Earth. After going missing for nearly four decades, the species has just been rediscovered in its native Indonesia.

Happy Death Day writer Scott Lobdell’s next project is both a movie and a comic book. One of the new Alien TV shows in the works could be an animated series. The American adaptation of Utopia casts a Star Trek: Discovery star. Plus, a return to Oz is heading to TV, and what’s to come on Doom Patrol. Spoilers, away!

Samsung has kicked off the new phone season with its biggest flagship launch ever - the Galaxy S10.

After a big launch the telcos are usually quick to follow with their pricing plans and pre-orders. We have them all right here for you.