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When you were a kid, what did you think the future would look like? Hoverboards, Back to the Future style? Flying Cars a la The Jetsons?

It's 2017 people, and look what we have here - an augmented reality Ikea experience. So that everywhere is your life can be filled with Ikea, like a disillusioned insurance worker's apartment shortly before starting an underground Fight Club.


There are a few reasons to be bullish about augmented reality. It's just neat is the most important reason. Its practicality is another great factor. But above all, the fact that Apple is about to unleash its app developers to go crazy with AR in iOS 11 means that a ton of content should be coming. This humble measuring tape app is just the tip of the iceberg.


It's a cartoon cliche that's a cliche for a reason. Mail carriers really do live in fear of Fido. And now that Americans are increasingly doing their shopping online, the beleaguered members of the U.S. Postal Service have been getting bitten by dogs more often. They have even built an app to help avoid the canines that are just trying to protect their home from the dangerous package deliveries.


When a child is born deaf, and then receives cochlear implants, learning to talk is a process of learning how to associate the sounds they can newly hear with the sounds they are able to make with their mouths.

GetTalking is an app being developed by a team of researchers at Swinbourne University, designed to help them do just that.


From Dali to dinosaur fossils, museums host all sorts of unforgettable sights. The school holidays, might be over, but you can keep the wonder coming with these apps, podcasts, online courses and eBooks full of fun facts, maps and information on exhibits from museums around the country, and the world.


As if your social media feeds weren't already filled with endless updates of why the world is a giant garbage fire and you probably should have just stayed in bed today, you can now get Twitter alerts to let you know your train is running late.


Ever scrolled though the comments section under an Instagram image of say, a fitness model for example? It can get pretty intense. From today, Instagram is introducing a whole bunch of ways to deal with harassment - recognising comments in particular could be managed a little better.

You'll now have the power to turn off comments for individual posts, remove followers for private accounts and on a more positive note, even "like" comments.


IFTTT (If This Then That) is now available on the mydlink Home app across a bunch of D-Link's "Connected Home" devices, including Wi-Fi Smart Plugs, Motion Sensors and Wi-Fi Siren. This means you can now create conditional commands and link multiple IFTTT products and apps together for a completely customisable home automation experience.


Uber is getting its first proper update in five years. The completely redesigned app will let Uber passengers quickly choose their destination — including shortcuts for regular trips, your calendar appointments, and to meet up with any friends that also use the app. It'll also show you how much you'll pay upfront, and give you a reasonably accurate guess at when you'll get to where you want.


Forget hoverboards, this is the future I've been waiting for.

You can now have pizza delivered to your face using nothing but voice activation. All you need to do is open an app (using Siri if you don't even want to touch your screen) which automatically counts down from 10 (a small window to allow for your indecision to subside) before placing your order for you.

*wipes solitary tear from eye*


Prevention programs are a key part of cardiac rehabilitation, however few people attend. So cardiac researchers from the University of Sydney have created a new game to prevent heart attacks among people who have suffered a cardiac event.

MyHeartMate is aimed at helping you make lifestyle changes to improve your heart health such as increasing physical activity, improving diet, quitting smoking and reducing stress. It also helps you manage medications while keeping track of your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


BP's latest innovation has been announced — a smartphone payment technology which lets you buy fuel from your car.

The free BPMe app is the first of its kind in Australia and also allows you to track your odometer, store electronic fuel receipts and locate your closest BP service station.