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Video: It can mean that you're experiencing a brief inconvenience or it can be a sign that you're in for a major problem — either way, no one wants to see the loading icon. Unless, of course, that loader is made in a beautiful stop motion celebration of waiting for your dang computer to do its job.


Video: Living with someone can be a challenge — especially when, as with the protagonist of Chintis Lundgren's Life with Herman H. Rott, you're a giant rat who's well settled in his loud, messy, boozy ways. But even the biggest slob can improve with the right motivation, which for Herman comes in the form of the world's tidiest cat.


Video: You get an inkling at the start of John Bashyam's animated film The Night the Moon Fell that this isn't going to be a totally wide-eyed and innocent tale of a budding astronomer. That inkling is the Slayer poster on the little kid's bedroom wall. To say any more would spoil this very funny, very short tale.


Video: There's a lot of war in Star Wars, as its name implies. But while lightsabers swinging and blaster fire screaming down hallways is a lot of fun to watch, what if the Rebels and Empire resolved their conflicts more peacefully instead? Like, say, through a game of Force-chess?