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Amazon rolled out its newest software update for the Kindle Fire -- version 6.2 -- this evening. Initial reports indicate that it both de-roots your jailbroken device and removes access to the Android Market. But don't worry -- the borking is reversible.


It's not that Android users don't use their apps, they do: Nielsen says Android users spend about an hour a day on their phone with two-thirds of that time being spent apps. It's that they're all spending their time in the same apps (probably because most apps just suck).


Google just launched a new Android Market for Android 2.2+ users and added book and movie downloads to the Market. What's bigger news to me though, is that sticking true to Google's recent trend, Android Market looks a lot better.


Google's seen an impressive jump in downloads from its Android Market app store, with their mobile advertising sales director for Europe Ian Carrington revealing it was just a year ago that it was only one billion downloads, "and that first billion took two years to happen... the last billion took 60 days."


Noah Bordner is a veteran game animator who has worked with such companies as EA, Lukas Arts, and Bungie. His indie app gaming venture, Mika Mobile, has already found success in the Apple App Store. Bordner recently ported the popular RPG Battleheart over to Android. There, he found the experience to be a little trickier.


Popular Android emulator developer "yongzh" has had all of his apps yanked from Android Market without warning, he told users today, signaling that Google's recent bans (started last month at the behest of Sega) are all but over.


What's this? An AT&T Android device that doesn't shackle you to the official Android Market? The new Samsung Infuse 4G lets you flip the toggle to download any Android app from any market. That's great! But is it the future?