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Your night began at 10PM on New Year's Eve. Wow, what a long year it's been, you thought. Eager to begin pregaming your New Year's festivities and to forget your impending death, you took a shot of whiskey.


If you're going to shell out $100 for potato chips, each crisp should be more filling than Elvish lembas bread, or pack so much flavour it'd put Willy Wonka's entire catalogue to shame. I supposes the Swedish-based St Erik's Brewery is aiming for the latter with this limited run, five-chip boxset.


Drinking an average of 2.4 standard drinks per day for men and 1.6 drinks per day for women has been associated with a 36 per cent greater risk of death from cancer, as well as a 13 per cent greater risk of death from any cause.

But a international research collaboration led by University of Sydney has found that exercising at even basic recommended weekly physical activity levels (at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity) may offset some of the harmful effects of drinking alcohol.


Steve Grasse wanted to make the best spirits in the world — so he followed the water. It led him to Tamworth, New Hampshire, a colonial-era township at the foothills of the White Mountains. The town drinks from the Ossippee aquifer, an underground labyrinth of granite-purified mountain water that's never seen a trace of industrial pollution.